Achieving High Customer Satisfaction with High Quality Support

The quality of user support is directly linked to a game’s reputation, and, by extension, the public face of management itself. Across over 15 years of providing our “Game Support!”, we’ve managed all manner of bugs, errors, mishaps and more with our characteristic flexible and open-minded approach to problem solving. Wit One’s Game Support! service’s heart is composed of our diverse, compassionate, and capable staff members, so you can rest easy knowing your players are in good hands.

Offered Services

Mail Support

Our mail support service includes Operation Support, wherein an operator responds to the user in order to resolve any issues they may have. In the event that the operator is unable to resolve the matter on their own, the case will be escalated.

Furthermore, we provide services for formulating workplace policy and developing workflow. We also offer consulting services via supervisors.

Operation Support

We provide Tier-1 mail support for your customers.

In cases where administrative access is a necessity, we will usually be required to escalate the case.

But, should you grant our operators the use of your administrative tools to solve issues, the number of escalated cases will decrease. This drastically cuts the amount of time your staff will need to allocate towards resolving cases and lets them focus on other work.

Mail SupportWe reply to customers' inquiries. We also perform various tasks such as investigation and escalation.
Investigation with ToolsUsing the appropriate administrative tools, we can investigate anything from chat logs to purchase history.
Template CreationWe can create standard template responses in accordance with your support policy.
Summarized Feedback & Opinion ReportsWe can send reports of customers' impressions and requests by summarizing inquiry contents.

Escalation Support

Cases escalated by our operators will receive a detailed response generated in accordance with policy guidelines.

The response will be detailed and straightforward to the benefit of both the customer and the operator working on their case.

Creating & Posting AnnouncementsIn the event of a bug, we will swiftly create announcements to reassure players affected by the situation.
Item DistributionWe will perform in-game distributions such as with events and compensation for bugs. These are delicate tasks that require reliable performance.
Escalation to DevelopersWhile we make daily reports, we will immediately escalate high urgency issues to your development team.
Account ManagementWe use client information search tools through VPN, allowing us to carry out support requiring access to details such as purchase history or login history.

Supervisor Consulting

We offer experienced supervisors capable of formulating support policy and managing work-flow. Furthermore, our supervisors are equipped to train new operators and provide valuable know-how to companies entering their ramp-up periods.

Formulating Management PolicyWe construct and propose a management flow so that you can receive smooth support.
Tier 1 Customer Support Quality ManagementWe check the quality of mail support and strategize to improve operation support quality.
Creating Compensation PolicyIn the event of a bug, we will consider the impacted range and customer compensation policy, and respond appropriately.

Bot One

Bot One is a game management support service used to create an optimized FAQ for your product by prompting users with questions regarding in-game bugs and common queries that arise during play.

When it comes to maintaining games, supporting users in regards to bugs and other inquiries is a frequent necessity. However, the cost in time and manpower for resolving so many cases can often be exorbitant.

With the help of Bot One, many issues that a user may experience can be resolved quickly and without the need for human intervention, resulting in both a boost to customer satisfaction and a reduction to management costs.

*Final design pending.

Bot One image

Phone Support

We support incoming calls from customers. Not only do we support inquiries regarding game content and features, but we can also cope with inquiries in regard to Specified Commercial Transactions.

Campaign Secretarial Support

Support services for all types of events and campaigns such as drawing and contacting winners, and sending out prizes.

Event Management

A significant amount of resources can be necessary to hold SNS campaigns, e-sports tournaments, and other large-scale events. We can serve as management and provide experienced human resources to ensure these events run smoothly.

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 Phone Reception Hours: Weekdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST